Provide Customized Logistics Solution

Mypoz provides customized order and parcel extra services, such as:


Extra Parcel Services

  1. Demolish inner/ outer packaging services
  2. Inner/ outer packaging photo
  3. Wooden box/ frame packaging services
  4. Wooden pallet and wooden frame packaging services
  5. Wooden pallet service
  6. Bubble wrap
  7. Waterproof packaging


The followings are the services need to enquire our customer service in advance:

  1. Cash on delivery
  2. Forklift service
  3. SST invoice
  4. Pick-up service (China)


How does it work?

Login to MP account>> International>> Add Parcel>> Choose the additional services


Extra Order Services:

  1. Vacuum packaging
  2. SMS when parcek arrived in Malaysia
  3. Cargo insurance service (For more details: How to purchase cargo insurance?)
  4. Customized packaging
  5. Fragile label
  6. Blank packaging
  7. Order photo
  8. Box reinforcement packaging