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What kind of extra order services does MYPOZ provide?

Currently, MYPOZ provides 7 types of customized extra order services, which included:

  1. Vacuum packaging

– This is the exclusive service introduced by MYPOZ recently, suitable for large volume but light shipments, such as the pillow, plush toys, blanket, and so on.

– The warehouse staff will calculate based on the volumetric weight or actual weight of the package (depends on the shipping channels)

Fee: Minimum RM 10


  1. SMS service

– The customer will receive an SMS once the shipment arrived in Malaysia

Fee: RM 0.30


  1. Insurance service

– Suitable for high-risk lost goods, such as expensive electronic products- mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches, game consoles, etc.

– Non-insured items: Fragile items such as acrylic, vases, picture frames, antiques, glass material items, house models, large appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and other countries restricted or prohibited goods

– After submitting the insurance service request, the customer service will calculate the final insurance fee and notify the customer

Fee: Minimum RM 25

For more details, please click here: How to purchase the cargo insurance?


  1. Customized package

– Suitable for e-commerce to use customized courier bags/ boxes to repackage the items or put in some small gifts

Step 1: Notify the customer service once the customized package has inbound and provide its parcel no.

Step 2: The warehouse staff will do the counting of the packaging amount (Service charge: RM 5/every 20 units)

Step 3: Tick [Custom Package] service when submitting the order

Step 4: Edit the receiver info and mention in the remarks the parcel no. of customized packaging

Fee: RM 1/ piece


  1. Fragile label

– The fragile label will be pasted at the outer package as an alert to the others

Fee: RM 1/ piece


  1. Blank package

– Use the blank package to replace it with MYPOZ courier bag

Fee: RM 1/ piece


  1. Order photo

– This service provides the customer with the package after packaging

Fee: RM 1/ piece


8. Box Reinforcement Packaging

– The box is a 5-layer thick airplane packing box. It is pressure resistant. The box after unpacking can be reused if it is not severely squeezed.

– Size :

Large–60*45*50, Weight : 1.2KG

Fee: RM 8

How does it work?

International>> Order submission>> Choose the extra order services