Provide Picture, Weight & Volume Check

Mypoz Warehousing Benefits- Security inspection machine for checking the safety of inbound parcels


  1. The first line of defense in the warehouse
  2. Equipped with a camera lens, which can provide customers with parcel’s photo

iii. The type of items in the package can be detected by different colors, especially prohibited/flammable items


Mypoz Warehousing Specialities- Provide exclusive parcel’s photo service

How to see? International>>> Shipping Submission>>> Operation>>> Camera icon

Parcel’s photo provided the following details:

  1. Weight
  2. Size
  3. Time
  4. Outer packaging image


Mypoz Exclusive Service- Auto Parcel Claiming:

The customers will be informed once the parcels arrived at the warehouse and inbound, reminded the customers to add parcels.


The motive of this service is to avoid the incidents such as the seller forgetting to inform the waybill no., or the buyer forgetting to add the parcel which caused the additional loss. MYPOZ hopes to provide a more considerate service which will make the customers feel more relieved. 

According to the statistic provided by the warehouse, the amount of parcel which is missed by the customers or expired is around 3% of the total parcels received and MYPOZ wished to reduce the loss of our customers.


As long as the parcel is added within 5 days once arriving at the warehouse, no charge will be applied, or else the customers will be charged according to the following price list:


If you want to know about the update of parcel once it arrived at the warehouse, you may contact our customer service for priority parcel claiming service. For more details, please refer to: