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Thailand Shipping Price List

North Malaysia
  • Every 1m³
  • RM500
Minimum charge
Central Malaysia
  • Every 1m³
  • RM480
Minimum charge
South Malaysia
  • Every 1m³
  • RM500
Minimum charge
East Coast Malaysia
  • Every 1m³
  • RM520
Minimum charge
Regions/ States/ Postal Areas

Most of the West Malaysia areas can be delivered, the following are the areas that cannot be delivered:

*North Malaysia:

  1. PERLIS: Padang Besar(02100) & Kaki Bukit (02200)
  2. PERAK: Tronoh (31750), Tanjong Tualang (31800), Pengkalan Hulu (33100), Gerik (33300), Padang Rengas (33700), Selama (34100), Kuala Kurau (34350), Semanggol (34400), Selekoh (36200) & Langkap (36700)
  3. KEDAH: Tunjang (Ayer Hitam: 06000), Kodiang (06100), Kuala Nerang (06300) & Bedong (08100)

*Central Malaysia:

  1. SELANGOR: Hulu Langat (43100), Beranang (43700), Dengkil (43800), Sepang (43900), Sungai Pelek (43950), Kuala Kubu Baru (44000), Kerling (44100), Batangkali (44300), Batang Berjuntai (45600)
  2. PUTRAJAYA: Cyberjaya (63000)

*South Malaysia:

  1. MELAKA: Selandar (77500)
  2. JOHOR: Desaru (82200), Benut (82200), Rengit (83100), Senggarang (83200), Pagoh (84600), Jementah (85200), Paloh (86600), Kahang (86700), Mersing (86800) & Endau (86900)
  3. NEGERI SEMBILAN: Rantau (71010), Rembau (71300), Kuala Klawang (71600), Mantin (71700), Kuala Pilah (72000), Bahau (72100), Batu Kikir (72200), Gemencheh (73200) & Gemas (73400)

*East Coast:

  1. KELANTAN: Gua Musang (18300)
  2. PAHANG: Jengka (26400), Pekan (26600), Rompin (26700), Kuala Rompin (26800), Tanjung Gemuk (26820), Padang Tengku (27000), Jerantut (27000), Kuala Lipis (27200), Benta (27300), Raub (27500 & 27600), Beranang (28200), Triang (28300), Kemayan (28380) & Bentong (28700), Cameron Highland, Genting Highland
Gentle Reminder

*Shipping fee has included tax and customs clearance fees, free of fuel extra charge

*Before sending the goods to the warehouse, customer must consult our customer service to issue a new MP code, and send the relevant information to the customer service.

*If the user that used before needs to send the goods to other pick-up addresses, it needs to consult the customer service to issue a new code before the goods can be sent to the warehouse. If it is sent to the same address, there is no need to issue a new code.

*There is no minimum shipment, only minimum charge RM150

*Delivery validity is within 10 working days after making payment

*1m³ can carry 500kg shipments= 5 gunny bags (48*56 cm) or 4.4 standard box (58*60*63 cm)

*In case of holidays, transportation peak, bad weather and slow delivery caused by the third party, which is out of our control, may cause delivery delay.

* The volumetric weight algorithm is (length X width X height) cm/1,000,000= volume weight (CBM)

Shipping Notes

The customer is necessary to open a new code before sending shipments to the warehouse, otherwise the warehouse will reject them.
The shipment will be loaded once arriving at the warehouse and the oversea customer service will update the inbound status.
Customers will know the shipping fee within 24 hours after the order is submitted.
Expected to receive within 10 working days under normal condition after making payment.
There is no additional charges for sensitive goods.
Please consult our customer service if you are uncertain of which can be shipped.
The responsibility is borne to the customers who ship prohibited items and caused parcel loss or detained during customs inspection.
If the packing of goods does not meet the specifications, our warehouse staff will inform the customers and apply for replacement.
Customers are advised to purchase insurance for the parcel,if any accident happened, it can been fully compensated.
If no insurance is purchased, the maximum compensation under the regulations is RM100.
If the item has been insured, the scope of compensation is for the goods/parcels loss only, not included damage.
The compensation for any damages of goods depends on the extent of damage.
For cargo insurance, please provide the complete information, such as: outer packaging photo, product photo, proof of purchase.
For the customers who have not purchased the cargo insurance, the compensation is followed the freight regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thailand Shipping Procedure

Why does the courier website show that it has been signed, but the system has not updated the inbound status?

The warehouse staff will sign for the parcel immediately, the overseas customer service will update inbound once the shipment is loading. The inbound update might have some delays because there is time lag between Malaysia and Thailand.

How long will the shipment be arranged for delivery after the payment is done?

After the payment is done, expected to arrange for delivery within 3-7 working days, KL and Penang: 3-7 working days; other states: 10 working days

Is there any sensitive channel?

Thailand has sensitive channel, however, many items are banned from exporting. If you are uncertain which channel to use, please consult our customer service in advance to verify the classification of goods.

Can liquid and digital products be shipped to Malaysia?

All these belong to sensitive items, please consult our customer service before shipping.

Is there anything that cannot be shipped?
  1. Living thing, potted plant, plant, reducing weight medicine, breast enhancement medicine, inflammable product, Buddha statue, sarong, batik, etc.
  2. Due to the wide variety of products, only some of the products are listed. If you are not sure about the classification of goods, please consult customer service in advance for details.
Is the shipping fee included the import tax?

The shipping fee is included the tax and customs clearance fees, the customers only need to pay for the shipping fee will do.

Are there any extra services?

Thailand shipping provided extra services such as:

  1. Delivery to upstair:RM30/1m³
  2. Change recipient address:RM30/1m³
Is there any warehousing service?
Storage Service
Inbound for 15 days Free storage
More than 15 days Charge based on number of parcel, and 10kg as one unit
Every parcel RM1/ day
More than 30 days Destroy
Example 1-15 days = Free storage, 16-30 days= Storage fee, more than 30 days= Destroy
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