Why Us?

MYPOZ aims to provide a guarantee service to our customers which allowed them to use a highly transparent tracking system, enable them to track the order status anytime anywhere. Long Distance Shipping, Zero Distance Remote Control!

Corporate Values

Starting from HEART, MYPOZ lists the five core corporate values, mainly to provide a more thorough corporate culture, to make the team more united in serving all our valued customers.

MYPOZ believes that the attitudes of HONESTY and HUMBLE can make people feel at ease and entrust MYPOZ, which can give more confidence to the customers or our team to create a more harmonious environment.

After receiving the entrustment from our customers, it is obvious that our team will be fully demonstrated the value of EFFICIENCY to complete the task instantly. At the same time, our team will need to possess more ADAPTABILITY to stand out in emergencies and can provide a more customized solution to fulfill our customers’ demands.

And be RESPONSIBLE for the tasks assigned, let the customers understand the progress of all the tasks given with highly TRANSPARENCY to fulfill and complete MYPOZ vision and mission- Trust in Peace, Happy Signing! Everyone has the chance to ship borderless!


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MYPOZ- SME Smart Shipping Choice!


    Provide Comprehensive Logistics Solutions

    From purchasing to contact the seller, customs clearance, transportation, tax declaration, and so on, MYPOZ can make customized arrangements according to the customers' demands.

    MYPOZ- Global Delivery Only 4 Steps!

    Let Mypoz to Deliver to You
    Account Registration

    Register only one account and rest assured to ship from multiple countries overseas.

    Add Parcel

    Add the courier number of your parcel to Mypoz system and let us to deliver to you!

    Global Shipping

    Support oversea shipping from Korea/ US/ China/ Taiwan/ Thailand and more!

    Receive Parcel

    Advance parcel tracking system to update you the latest parcel status via email/ WeChat/ SMS.