MYPOZ Corporate Story- Leader of China-Malaysia Shipping


All these years, MYPOZ is well-known for its professional service image. From the hard-to-read MYBOXPOST to the super long spelling MYPOSTONLINE, to the shortened MYPOST in 2017, and MYPOZ in 2018, a more concise and powerful brand highlights the company’s growth history. From the initial intention of starting business-MYBOXPOST to provide customers with the most convenient cross-border transportation service, to MYPOSTONLINE focusing on online customers as central idea, to the mature and professional service freight image MYPOST, until the current powerful and large-scaled of MYPOZ.


Other than China shipping, MYPOZ is also providing other international shipping services such as US, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Australia, UK consolidation shipping and Taiwan direct shipping. In addition, our company also cooperates with domestic Malaysian freight forwarders for local delivery service.


In 2018, our company started to provide domestic express services such as DHL E-COMMERCE and SKYNET domestic express services, Johor to Singapore two way transportation services, Malaysia to China air freight service and other domestic to international freight routes, allowing you to be more convenient, time and cost-saving.


We focused more on personalized transportation services such as cash on delivery, warehouse fulfilment, check stock, inner and outer packaging photos, warehouse management, insurance protection, customized packaging and transportation, commercial transportation, bulk freight and other services. MYPOZ has developed from only doing air freight to assisting for commercial businessmen, just like the founder said, “If even a small customer we can’t treat them well, how can we serve the commercial customers?” That’s how we started from a small company, and it proves that dedicated service and efficiency allows us to be benchmarked in this industry market. Thank you for all the customers’ support and we are willing to provide you with better freight services even though is only normal customer.


Besides having a number of cooperative delivery companies, our company is also deploying our own delivery fleet in Southern Malaysia to provide all our customers with more efficient services, and regional expansion will allow you to feel different delivery services. Please continue supporting our efforts, thank you!


Quality Service。Trust with Peace of Mind。Professional Delivery。Happy Signing。