5K Cargo Insurance Protect

No more worries about minimal compensation on lost goods.We are currently working with AXA to insure your consignments for up to RM10,000! Say hello to the high valued items you are craving for such a long time overseas! 4-hours express approval!


Introduction of Product:​


MYPOZ Insurance is directly handled by the headquarter of the insurance company with professional customer service. For any questions, please consult our customer service.



2: Precautionary notes and required information:

  • Proof of purchase
  • IC (IC no., actual name)
  • Product price
  • Quantity


3: Product strength:

  • Reliable branded insurance products: Mypoz Insurance’s product company is ‘AXA AFFIN’, a well-known and outstanding insurance company, and provides customers with hundreds of insurance products.
  • Confidentiality of personal information: It is a basic policy of Mypoz to protect users’ personal information by keeping the confidentiality of all the identity information such as contact number, email address, registration details, or non-public content saved on the website.
  • Items that cannot be insured: acrylic, vases, picture frames, antiques, glass plates, mirrors, house models, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. Please contact our customer service first before purchasing the insurance.
  • Items that can be insured:: mobile phones (iPHONE, SAMSUNG), tablets, computers, electronic products, etc.
  • Items that can consider being insured: (the quality and packaging of the product need to be verified): TV, LED, smart TV, etc., have to fulfill the standard packaging requirements.
  • Precautions: Reinforcement packaging [for example wooden frame; reinforced packaging; sealed with adhesive tape; no original packaging (iPhone cannot directly display the iphone logo)]


How to calculate?

Mypoz insurance is only 3.5% of the product price,  the minimum charge is RM25.

Example 1:RM500 * 3.5% = RM17.50(will be charged RM25)

Example 2: RM3000 * 3.5% = RM105

**Maximum insured amount: RM50,000


Processing Time

The normal processing time is 4 hours, the application after 1 pm will be approved on the next day.


Claim Procedures

  1. Prepare necessary documents for claim
    – Police report
    – Official lost documents from the courier service provider
  2. Please allow for up to 30 working days for investigation and compensation procedure.

** Compensation process not valid if the consignment is signed and received, all compensation requests must be submitted within 48 hours of loss.


Procedure of cargo insurance:

Choose cargo insurance when submitting order>>> Upload purchase document >>> Customer service calculated the amount to be insured>>> Make payment>>>Complete


For more details, please refer to: How to purchase the cargo insurance?