Notes to Customers:

Before making payments, customers must submit the required information to the system, especially the parcel numbers and proof of goods (please refer to “How to Purchase Cargo Insurance?“). The PIC (Person in Charge) will review and process the insurance purchase.


If the PIC does not receive the necessary documents within 7 working days or does not confirm the insurance matter with you, it will be deemed an invalid insurance order. In the event of any transportation accidents, they will not be covered by the compensation.


Circumstances in which customers should refuse acceptance:

Customers should refuse parcels with missing items, inconsistent weights, or damaged external packaging. Without refusal or an indication of missing items or losses on the signed receipt, investigations by various parties will not be possible. The courier company will assume you have successfully received the items, and there will be no room for any after-sales issues.


Successful Insurance Purchase:

After a successful purchase, changing the address is not allowed, or the insurance will become invalid. Additionally, the insured amount will be calculated based on the information provided by the customer. Before purchasing, customers can verify the quantity and parcel numbers with the seller.


Exemption of Responsibility:

The following circumstances are not covered by the insurance. The insurer will not be responsible for any loss or damage to insured goods due to the following reasons or issues caused by third parties:

  • War
  • Hostile acts
  • Strikes
  • Natural disasters
  • Military actions
  • Riots
  • Looting
  • Detainment
  • Human-related issues


If the parcel is confirmed as lost, customers can make a full claim based on the information provided and the parcel number. Customers need to report the lost parcel to the police or provide all external packaging and other information such as photos and weight to the PIC within 48 hours.

Note: The estimated investigation time is 30 working days.


Documents Required to Purchase Insurance (please refer to: “How to Purchase Cargo Insurance?”):

  • Product name
  • Quantity purchased
  • Unit price of the product
  • Actual payment amount
  • Product picture

Note: For overseas channels or transport services, photos of the shipping packaging need to be submitted.


Agree to Purchase:

Please reply within 3 days, either agreeing or disagreeing, once the information is verified by the customer. Attach your IC number and name. The PIC will process the insurance purchase. Otherwise, it will be considered a default cancellation of insurance.



Compensation only covers the loss of goods, not damage.

For more details, please refer to the Express Cover Policy