Provide Intelligent Function Tools

The Intelligent Tools to Add Parcels:

1. Use Google extension to submit order

MyPoz Extensions Download Method:

  • Google search MyPoz Chrome Extensions or click一键添加包裹
  • Click “Add to Chrome”
  • System will pop out “It can: Read and change your data on a number of websites” notification, only need to click “Add Extensions” will do
  • Click the “extension icon” at the right corner, if you see the Mypoz logo means you have successfully download it
  • You can also choose to pin in at the right corner for fast searching


Operation method: Use Mypoz google extension to log in>>> Login to Taobao- purchased items>>> Add Parcels>>> Parcel details filled up automatically>>> Choose extra services (optional)>>> Submit


  • MyPoz google extension has a hidden function— Find the special voucher of Taobao

    *If the item has special voucher, the extension can detect and appear “click for voucher” notification.

    *Follow the instruction to MyPoz Pozback website and click the voucher will do!


2. Use APP to Add Parcels

Operation method: Open App “+New Parcel”>>> e-commerce platform(合作的平台)>>> Login Taobao>>> Add parcel to ship>>> App will fill up the parcel details automatically



3. Use Mypoz WeChat to add parcel 

Method to bind Mypoz WeChat account: WeChat QR code scanner>>> Search Mypoz>>> Follow>>> Member Center>>> Fill up the login details>>> Bind your WeChat with Mypoz>>> Done

Operation method:Mine “我的”>>> Member center “会员中心”>>> Add parcel>>> Fill up the parcel details>>> Choose extra services (optional)>>> Submit