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Malaysia to China


Malaysia to China Price List

General Cargo
  • First kg RM68
  • Subsequent kg RM60
Minimum shipping from 1kg
Sensitive Cargo
  • First kg RM78
  • Subsequent kg RM70
Minimum shipping from 1kg
Gentle Reminder

*Additional fee for remote areas in China:

  1. Shanxi/Inner/Mongolia/Jilin/Heilongjiang/Guangxi/Sichuan/Chongqing/Guizhou/Yunnan/Shaanxi/Gansu/Ningxia/Qinghai/Zhejiang (Freight plus RM5 per kg)
  2. Xinjiang/Tibet (RM 8 extra charge per kg)

*Delivery validity: Estimated 7-12 working days from arranging flight to delivery.

*The surcharge of Malaysia to China is 65%

*Ship on every Friday, the minimum shipping weight is 1 KG, included customs clearance, excluded tax, no hidden charges.

* If the customer is taxed, the customs clearance company will inform the recipient in China, and request to pay for the corresponding tax by the way of cash on delivery.

*The customer can use the tracking number provided to check whether the goods are taxed on the SF Express website (SF tracking number: SFXXXXXX)

Shipping Notes

Before shipping, make sure that the contact number can be contacted, and the recipient’s ID in Chinese can be provided.
Mypoz has the right to return the goods, and all costs such as storage costs/handling costs will be borne by the customer.
The air-freight channel from Malaysia to China has only included customs clearance, excluded tax.
The weight of each waybill is limited to 1 ticket not exceeding 5 kg.
The shipment must be packed in thick cartons. We have the right to refuse the shipping or request to repack it, if it is disqualified.
Mypoz is not responsible for the damage caused by cargo transportation. Customers must be responsible for their own packaging.
If the cargo is lost during the delivery, the compensation will be RM 100/ticket. Fragile goods are not in the scope of compensation.
A shipment of goods cannot exceed RM600. If the goods exceed RM600, it is recommended to deliver in separate order.
The delivery time for the goods may exceed 14 days, if there are strict customs inspection/ customs clearance delay/ local delivery problems, etc.
Mypoz is not responsible for the loss caused by the delay of delivery time.
Any liquid products must be provided MSDS (National Certified Ingredient Certificate).
Kindly consult our customer service before shipping to find out whether the goods can be shipped.
If the volume of the cargo is larger than its actual weight, the weight will follow length (cm) x height (cm) x width (cm)/6000
After the parcel arrives at our Malaysia warehouse, it will be unpacked and inspected to ensure that the contents of the parcel are same as the declared name.
The product needs to be documented, or else, the customer needs to provide a handwritten receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a pickup service?

No, the customers have to deliver the parcel to our Malaysia warehouse by courier.

Do you provide cargo insurance service?

Yes, there is certain type of items which unable to insure, please contact our customer service for more details or refer to: How to purchase cargo insurance?

If I regret to ship, but the parcel already arrived at Malaysia warehouse, can I apply for return?

Yes, the customers have to choose the domestic courier > Online submission, to arrange for the return of shipment.

What kind of items are prohibited to ship to China?

Tongkat Ali, Chinese tonic, items with batteries, batteries, products without branded packaging/ documents, phone cards, bank cards, IC, used goods, second-hand goods, repaired products, alcoholic/ flammable products, tobacco, alcohol, etc.

To ship electronic products, the recipient’s company name is required.

*Note: If you are confused about the goods classification, please consult our customer service in advance before shipping.

Is there a weight restriction or any other restriction?

Shipment cannot be more than 5 kg, type of products cannot be more than 3, quantity cannot be more than 10, the price cannot be more than RM 600.

Is it included tax and customs clearance service?

Malaysia to China channel is only included customs clearance but not tax, so if the price is too high might be taxed.

What kind of goods need to provide an import certification license?

Repaired products/ bulk shipments need to provide import certification license (according to customs requirements); transporting food might need to provide nutrition facts.

*Note: If it is rejected by China customs, the item will be returned to Malaysia, the customers have to afford the shipping fee from China to Malaysia.

How long will it take to sign if the parcel has arrived at Malaysia warehouse? How long will it take to update the logistic?

The shipment will be signed immediately once it is arrived at Malaysia warehouse, and will update the transit order no. around 5 working days.

When will the flight be arranged?

Submit order on Tuesday and the flight will be arranged for that Friday.

How long will it take to ship from Malaysia to China?

The whole process from arranging flight until delivery is expected to take about 7-12 working days.

Why is the logistic update stop at waiting for despatch?

When the status is waiting for despatch, the shipment is actually transited from Malaysia warehouse to Kuala Lumpur warehouse.

Are there any reinforcements packaging services? (wooden frame, bubble film)

There is only bubble film packaging service is provided.

Can the customer service assist the customers to place orders?

Yes, the minimum service charge is RM 10, calculate according to the number of the parcel, RM 3/ parcel.

Is there a cash-on-delivery service?

There is no COD provided.

How to calculate the compensation for parcel lost?

If the customer has purchased the cargo insurance, it will be calculated by the price of the item; no compensation if the product is spoiled or expired; for the item without insurance will be compensated according to the freight regulations.

How long can the parcel store in the warehouse?