Other Extra Services InquiriesCash On Delivery (COD) Service

What is COD service?

COD helps the customer who does not have any credit card or online banking account to purchase items online. The customer can shop online without paying first and arrange the seller to deliver. Once the parcel arrived, our warehouse staff would check and pay by cash.

COD is a very convenient service as it is safer because no payment details will be revealed online. The customer only need to provide the seller our warehouse address, that’s it.

Note: COD service is only available at Guangzhou warehouse. The receipt time will be 9:00 am to 3:00 pm every day, except public holiday.

Gentle reminder: Please contact the seller to write your MP no. outside the parcel, so that the warehouse can receive instantly; the warehouse has the right to reject any parcel without MP no.


What are the service charges?


  • Below RMB 500: COD amount/ currency of the day + RM 5 extra service charge
  • Abouve RMB 500: COD amount/ currency of the day + 2% extra service charge.
  • The COD amount has to be paid within 24 hours.


How to start? What should I do?

Contact our customer service or directly email to [email protected]. Tell us your demands and provide the following for COD!

  1. MP No.: MPXXXXX
  2. COD amount: within 500 RMB (make sure there is sufficient amount in your MP account)
  3. Waybill no.: (if have)
  4. Courier company: (if have)
  5. No. of carton: (if have)

1 and 2 are the mandatory details whereas if you need us to contact with the courier, then 3,4 and 5 are the required details for us to verify with the courier ASAP.


Gentle reminder:

– COD below 100 RMB: Warehouse will receive by default, there is no need to contact our customer service

– COD more than 100 RMB: Please contact our customer service to fill in the form and also make sure there is sufficient amount in your MP account for COD deduction.