Other Extra Services InquiriesHow to purchase cargo insurance?

What is the procedure?

Choose insurance service during order submission>> Upload the proof of purchase>> Customer service calculates the insured amount>> Make payment>> Insured


What are the steps?

Step 1: Choose insurance service during order submission

  • If the price of the product is more than USD 100, the system will automatically pop out a gentle reminder to purchase the cargo insurance

  • If the price of the product is less than USD100, but the customer would like to purchase the insurance, you may choose it from the extra order service


Step 2: Upload the proof of purchase to the system

  • Before submitting the order, upload the proof of purchase

***The proof of purchase must show the product name, picture, price, quantity, and the actual payment amount





Step 3: Make payment once the insured amount is confirmed

Document Verification Supporting information Way to solve
Document verification apply Insufficient supporting information Call to customer and request for more relevant supporting information
Complete supporting information Direct process with the purchase of insurance and charge the policy fee to the customer order
  • The customer service needs about 4 hours to verify the documents
  • Please do not choose auto payment before the insured amount is confirmed

***Gentle reminder: Some of the customers will pay the minimum insured amount of RM 25 first before the actual amount is confirmed. If the actual insured amount is more than RM 25, the customer has to top up the extra amount within 48 hours, or else, it will be cancelled.


Step 4: Insured successfully

How to calculate the insured amount?

  • The insured amount is 3.8% of the product price, the minimum is RM 25
  • Example:
  1. Product price= RM 300 x 3.5%

                                   = RM 10.50 (Insured amount: RM 25)

  1. Product price= RM 1000 x 3.5%

                      = RM 35


What kind of products can be insured?

Expensive 3C products such as handphones, tablets, smart watches, game console, etc.


What kind of products cannot be insured?

Fragile items such as acrylic, vases, picture frames, antiques, glass material items, house models, large appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and other countries restricted or prohibited goods.

For more details, please refer to:

Types of Insurable Items

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***Gentle reminder: Any inquiries, please contact our customer service.