Awarded Reliable Service

Mypoz can ship out on time because:
  1. Able to arrange the air and sea flights independently
  2. Able to ship or load the container every day
  3. Able to handle the customs clearance independently
  4. Able to assist the customers to pay for tax
  5. Adhere to the principle of direct flight and transportation, and not be controlled by costs


Mypoz Air Shipping Method
  • Direct flight:The airline arranges a flight without changing planes, and directly transports the goods from China to Malaysia Airport. The delivery will take only one day.


Mypoz Sea Shipping Method
  • Direct ship:The sea shipment will depart from China port directly to Malaysia port without changing the ship or stopping in halfway. The delivery will take 5-7 days.


Mypoz VS Other Shipping Companies

Shipping Company

MYPOZ Other Companies

Shipping Method

Ship and load the containers every day

Ship only when the shipment reached a certain amount

Air Shipping Method

Direct flight

Connecting flight

Sea Shipping Method

Direct ship


Reasons for Using the Respective Method to Ship

  • Sufficient amount of shipments
  • Standby at least 2,3 groups of suppliers, able to arrange the flights properly


  • Unable to reach the minimum shipping amount due to insufficient shipments
  • The start-up company has insufficient funds and needs to save cost

Advantages of Choosing the Respective Method to Ship 

  • Customers can receive the parcels more quickly
  • Reduce the risk of parcel loss or parcel damage
  • The cost is respectively low
  • The shipping fee is lower
Disadvantages of Choosing the Respective Method to Ship
  • The cost is respectively higher
  • The shipping fees will be raised
  • Extra surcharges are applicable.
  • Ship only when there is a sufficient amount of shipments might delay the delivery period
  • Unable to grab the flight, and delay the time for customers to receive the goods
  • Increase the risk of parcel lost or parcel damage


Gentle reminder:

Parcels collected before 7pm, or air freight orders placed before 5pm will be processed on the same day, and the parcels will be weighed and notified.

The sea freight order will be processed within 1-2 working days and informed the customers for verification before delivery.