FAQHow to differentiate the item is general/sensitive/prohibited good?

International shipments are divided into three categories according to the functional attributes of the products: general goods, sensitive goods, and prohibited goods. MYPOZ currently only has two channels: general goods and sensitive; it refuses to accept any prohibited products.


General goods and sensitive goods are used to distinguish inspection standards when exporting from China to other countries. If sensitive goods are shipped using general cargo channels, it may cause inspections to fail to clear customs and deliver goods. The user may delay the receipt of the goods, or need to pay the difference in the fee of the sensitive channel before the delivery. The following pictures distinguish general goods, sensitive goods, and prohibited goods:

The above products are for reference only, it is recommended to inquire the customer service before choosing the transportation channels of the products.



1. Health food, supplements, medicines, and batteries are air freight prohibited items and can only be transported by sea-sensitive channels.

2. Products with magnets (without battery) such as electronic products, electrical appliances and digital accessories can be transported by air freight sensitive channels.  

3. If the electronic products are branded, please inquire the customer service in advance before choosing the appropriate shipping channel.


Transportation of Prohibited Items:

– Dangerous goods, sex toys, weapons, livestock, internationally restricted food (such as bird’s nest, dried seahorse, sea cucumber, etc.), cigarettes, sharp weapons (such as imitated knives/ guns, kitchen knives, etc.), cash, alcohol, paint, white powder, unknown drugs, plants, living creatures, sprays (such as care sprays, hair sprays, etc.), flammable and explosive items (such as fireworks, gas bottles, etc.), products with air pressure (such as air pressure chairs, bicycle tires, etc.), CD-ROMs/DVDs, printed materials with sensitive issues, perishables and all IATA restricted items.

– Mobile phones are commodities with a high risk of loss, the customers who insist to ship them have to provide an import license and bear for the loss.

– Before submitting the order, it is the responsibility of the customers to classify the sensitive or general goods. Any inquiries about the classification of goods, please contact our customer service in advance.

– If the sensitive cargos are transported as general cargos and blocked by the customs, all consequences shall be borne by the customer;

For example: If the product consists of the battery, and is shipped by air freight, it will be considered as using the wrong shipping channels. If it is blocked by the customs, the customer might need to pay a fine and wait for the customs to verify whether the goods will be returned;

Prohibited items: Tobacco, alcohol, imitated knives, guns, batteries (wet batteries, car batteries) are prohibited from being shipped, NIKE, ADIDAS, and other authorized brands, religious/political/racial/domestic sensitive topics books and other products. Our warehouse staffs have the right to confiscate/reject such items.

– If such items are intercepted by the warehouse staff, a default fine of RM50 or not more than RM150 will be imposed, depending on the size of the goods. If the warehouse fails to intercept, such items will be confiscated/returned after customs inspection, all fines and legal liabilities will be borne by the customer, and our company will not bear any responsibility.

– This list is not including all prohibited items, and some items are not listed. Besides the items listed above, some countries may have additional regulations. If the goods are detained by the customs due to national regulations, our company will not bear any responsibility.

*Special declaration: MyPoz only receives goods on behalf of customers, and all the legal liabilities arising from the transportation of illegal goods and false declarations will be borne by the customers.


If you still don’t know your product attributes, please provide us with the following information and we will serve you.

(1) Product name, photo/link
(2) What is the shipping volume? How heavy is the product?
(3) Need to use air/sea freight?
(4) Need to send to West Malaysia/East Malaysia/Singapore?
(5) What is the purpose of the product?

Note: If it is a certified member, this inquiry is free, if it is an ordinary member, the inquiry fee is 5 MYR.