FAQWhat should I do if the package is lost?

How to define a missing package?

A missing package means the entire shipment in the same order or the entire package is missing during the transit, and has been confirmed by the customer service.


What is the compensation amount?

  1. Compensation value according to item value on invoice (maximum of USD50), or 3 times of shipping fee, whichever is the lowest. Non-declared items or falsely declared items are not covered. No compensation for repackaged parcels, due to reasons such as seller mistake and lost parcel before arriving at the warehouse.

Note: The highest compensation for the overseas package is RM 100

  1. The customer who has purchased the cargo insurance can apply for a full claim and the highest compensation can be up to RM 50,000

Note: Please make sure the seller has delivered the correct amount of items before submitting the delivery order, and if it is delivered according to the original packing of the seller, there will be no claim for the damages. In addition, fragile products cannot be claimed, and hence, it is not recommended to choose the repacking service whereas should inform the seller to strengthen the packaging to avoid crushing during transportation (reinforced packaging can only reduce transportation risk)


I still have not received the package and it has exceeded the delivery efficiency, I think the package is probably missing, what should I do?
Step 1: Contact  the after-sales customer service
WhatsApp: 012- 374 2238 (https://wa.link/hhynpj) or submit request: https://support.mypoz.com/hc/zh-sg/requests/new

• Messages before 5 pm will be replied on the same day, and messages after 5 pm will be processed on the next day

Step 2: Alert to the email reply from customer service
• Most of the messages will be processed on the same day, so the customers must be alert to the customer service’s email replies to avoid any delays in the compensation process.

Step 3: Prepare the required documents
• Provide the required documents to the after-sales customer service to aid in the investigation
• Customers need to provide the complete documents within 1 week, overdue will not be accepted


How long will the processing time of the whole procedure take?

The entire process will take 14 working days after the required documents are submitted.


What information do I need to provide?

MP no., order no., parcel no.


Are there any circumstances that cannot be claimed?

1. The product name of the less goods received/ missing parcel is not matched

2. The package is lost during the transit or repacking

3. Fragile items are damaged

4. Deliver prohibited items/ use the wrong delivery channel and being returned to the warehouse

5. Already inform there will be a delay in advance

6. Third-party factors (customs, flight, weather, epidemic) and caused delays

7. Forfeit items during customs inspection


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